Since the beginning of its activities EUROCONSEIL became aware of the importance of the formation and the staff's retraining in the modern techniques of direction and administration of the enterprises, for their success.

Indeed, conscious because the most precious assets that can sustain the operation and the development balanced of all institution, constitute it his/her/its human resources, and that all project or plane, for excellent that he/it is, possess a high probability of failure if his/her/its management is not confided has the individuals who possess, not only intuition and good will, but also the necessary qualification, EUROCONSEIL, S.A.. decided to complete its activities of advice with those of the qualification and formation of resources human of their customers.

The Department of Formation of EUROCONSEIL develops this orientation of basis in two different directions:

On the one hand, while preparing the courses permitting the resources human of his/her/its e enterprises client institutions, to adapt to the necessities drifted of the permanent change and to the different strategies that must be adopted like answer to the changes. It involves it the practical application of the theoretical principle that applies for that the organization and the people who sustain it must be in synchronies with the strategy formulated by the enterprise. This orientation is applied in return for the preparation of the specific courses, adapted in particular to the concrete necessities of every organization, including the previous diagnosis of the weak points in the capacities and the staff's knowledge.

Of the other, the organization of the courses specialized in the general domain of the economy of the enterprise and disciplines bound, controlled to the segments of the directors and settings, concretized case by case, according to the level of formulation of the programs.

The programs are formulated to three different levels:

Level 1

Dedicated to the participants who lack knowledge on matter but that want or they need a general formation on her. They are developed according to a positive-descriptive methodology. The programs are formulated as for the generality of matters that characterizes the theme, p. ex.:

  • Organization
  • Management of human resources
  • Sales
  • Financial processes
  • General accounting
  • Quality, etc.

Level 2

He/it is directed to the staff of direction in the different domains of the organization of the company. A normative methodology is applied, with a special attachment to the techniques of optimization of the suits. They are guided to the formation and the retraining of the settings, of the organizations and, of where, the programs are formulated in concrete and specific terms, p.ex.:

  • Direction of human resources
  • Strategic direction of the companies
  • Commercial direction
  • Organization and Direction of operations, etc

Level 3

Structured of basis in the specialized courses, prepared according of concrete aspects inside each of the domains of the company. The objective fundamental of the formation to this level it is the improvement of the formation of the participants, thank you has the transmission of the most advanced techniques in the different cases.

  • Human resources:
    • Strategic organization of the human resources         
    • Selection and recruitment of staff
    • Administration of the human resources, etc
    • Incentive and direction
    • I develop organization      
    • Assessment of places and tasks
    • Systems of the remuneration
    • Social climat
    • etc.
  • Commercial:
    • The advertisement and the promotion of the sale
    • The commercial investigation
    • The sale of the financial institutions
    • The international marketing
    • etc..
  •  Accounting:
    • Accounting of costs                
    • Audit accountant
    • Analysis of balances
    • Organization accountant
    • etc.
  • Production:
    • MRP systems, OPT, JIT, CIM, KANBAN, ERP, etc.
  • Quality and environment:
    • Systems of quality             
    • Total quality
    • Statistical techniques     
    • Control of quality
    • Certification
    • etc..

Techniques of teaching

The Department of Formation of EUROCONSEIL applies the most advanced educational techniques with an infrastructure of the modern support, based in the multimedia and the audiovisual, next to own programs to achieve the practices, simulations and games of enterprises.

Every course is programmed okay to the features and the depth of the knowledge has transmit, year applying the most suitable technology. Concretely, the following techniques are used for the transmission of the acquaintance:

  • The masterly lesson, suitable to communicate the theoretical knowledge and basis to apply other educational techniques.
  • The convenient classes, in the what are solved an ample and very selected collection of quantitative problems on the matters that require this treatment. The students have the abundant software to apply the most advanced techniques on treatment of data, programming, simulation, etc.
  • Analysis and solution of the cases; with an ample collection of case to work on them and to apply and to reinforce the theoretical knowledge acquired in the masterly lessons to those that serve like complement.
  • The videos, one of the educational procedures of the most advanced; used with the suitable methodology is revealed like a shape extremely efficient to transmit and to fix the knowledge.
  • The seminaries, controlled by a specialized monitor and with the active involvement and the work of the students, he/it is revealed like a very efficient method for the retraining in very specialized matters.

Educational team

EUROCONSEIL puts has the disposition of the formation has a team of professors with a large professional and educational experience, developed in the Spanish university and in foreign universities, or they are frequently invited to give some courses in relation to his/her/its respective specialties. They are, therefore of the communicators high-quality, with knowledge in perm actualization.

Next to this educational experience, our team has a large professional trajectory in the domain of the cabinet-advice and the management and direction of enterprises, that is translated in effects of synergy that permit to get some very good results in the formation of our pupils.

The organization and the coordination of the courses, the confection of the programs and the selection of matters is directed by the Professor Doctor Don Francisco Serrano Gomez, Professor Emeriti of economy has the university of Cadiz.

The Board of Professors of the Department of Formation of EUROCONSEIL, it is the next one:

  • Antonio Leal. Doctor Sciences of information. Specialist in Marketing-Mix.
  • Manuel Diaz. Engineer T. Industrial. Specialist in the industrial operations.
  • Bartolomé Pérez. Doctor Sciences Economics. Specialist in the local development.
  • Vincent Chabant. Lic. Communication. Specialist in the picture and the communication.
  • Raimundo Martinez. Industrial Engineer.  Human resources and strategic organization.
  • Juan José Mier. Lic. C. Economic. Specialist Administration Lines of products.
  • Francisco S. Ruiz. Doctor Sc. of the enterprise. Specialist in the accounting and the audit.
  • Juan Manuel Rey. Lic. Sc. Economic. Professor of applied economy. Financial specialist.
  • Jésus Ferradás. Agricultural engineer. Specialist in to sell, advertisement and promotion.
  • Carlos Campos. Lic. Sc. of the enterprise. Specialized in international marketing.
  • Cristina Márquez. Doctor Sc. of the enterprise. Specialized commercial strategic direction.
  • Angel Camacho. Lic. in Right and in Sc. of the enterprise. Fiscal specialist and accountant.
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